Feedbacks & Beam Measurements (FBM)


The Feedback and Beam Controls Section is responsible for the conceptual design and implementation of the feedback systems that dynamically control the beam as well as the cavity fields in amplitude and phase. This includes feedback loops around cavities as well as beam feedback loops for the longitudinal and transverse planes to provide control of instabilities and beam parameters throughout an accelerating cycle. 

The electronics developed and operated include analog and mixed signal digital-analog boards employing modern FPGAs and DSPSs. The section works closely together with BR and CS section for the specifications and designs of the systems and the interface to the computer controls systems. 

The range of accelerators include linear accelerators such as HIE-Isolde and LINAC4 as well as all circular accelerators at CERN from very low intensity (Anti-Proton Decelerator AD) to the high intensity proton collider LHC and its upgrade. Future studies are also supported with prototype and conceptual designs. Operation is supported by providing experts and a call-out service jointly organised with CS section.