Servos & Controls Interface (CS)


The CS section is responsible for the design and implementation of control systems for RF equipments as well as interlocks and protection systems, ranging from large systems like LHC Superconducting cavities (ACS) and LINAC4 power stations to medium systems like PS main RF system to small test places like SM18 and the klystron test area.

Hardware developments are based on modern industrial standards in automation, high-end FPGA and custom VME modules.

A large number of  C  and C++ software are developed to implement the required functionalities and to integrate the RF systems in the CERN standard control chain. CS is also responsible for providing RF experts with high level tools in order to test, debug and operate their systems.

In-house tools are also developed and are maintained (i.e. Cheburashka and Inspector in collaboration with the Operations group).

CS has also an important role, together with other RF sections, in the operation of RF systems and in stand-by services.