Safety link person Carlo Rossi
RSSO, radiation safety officer Gino Cipolla, Pierre Maesen, Katarzyna Turaj
ADAM technical infrastructure link Eric Montesinos
RF member of WG on F-gas management  


List of RF TSOs  
Building TSO DTSO
18 Alan Chauchet Stephane Curt
19 Alan Chauchet Stephane Curt
149 Valentin Desquiens Vladimir Bretin
152 Vladimir Bretin  
252 Gabriel Pechaud Franck Peauger
258 Giampaolo Piccinini Valentin Desquiens
285 Christophe Nicou Steffen Doebert
353 Valentin Desquiens Giampaolo Piccinini
357 Valentin Desquiens  
770 (BAF3)  Christophe Renaud Flory Ten Broeke
824 (GT9) Christophe Renaud Flory Ten Broeke
870 (BA3) Christophe Renaud Flory Ten Broeke
905 (BB3) Christophe Renaud Flory Ten Broeke
928 Vittorio Parma  
929 Christophe Renaud Flory Ten Broeke
2001 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
2002 Yves Cuvet David Smekens
2003 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
2008 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
2010 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
2012 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
2013 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
2250 Gino Cipolla  
2475 Christophe Renaud Flory Ten Broeke
6102 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
6104 Stephane Curt Alan Chauchet
6123 Gino Cipolla  
6126 Gino Cipolla  
6158 Gino Cipolla Frederic Killing
6315 Vittorio Parma  
6326 Matthias Haase  
6333 Gino Cipolla Frederic Killing
6369 Flory Ten Broeke Sebastien Calvo
6376 Stephane Rey Giampaolo Piccinini
6588 Stephane Rey Giampaolo Piccinini
6589 Stephane Rey Giampaolo Piccinini


Electrical Safety


Depending on the nature of the work, one of the following trainings should be taken:

Habilitation Electrique- Non Electrician- Initial (for people only working in the vicinity of electrical equipment)

Habilitation Electrique- Electrician Low Voltage- Initial

Habilitation Electrique- Electrician Low Voltage and High Voltage- Initial


Accreditations are valid for 5 years. Following this period, internal RF refresher courses should be taken which are conducted by Gino Cipolla and Valentin Desquiens. For further information, please contact