Roles and Representatives

Friday, January 12, 2024 - 11:00

Group representatives at committees and meetings

Committee/meeting RF representative Website
SY Management Board Frank Gerigk- Nuria Catalan - Heiko Damerau SYMB
LHC Injector and Experimental Facilities Committee Suitbert Ramberger IEFC
LHC Machine Committee Andy Butterworth- Frank Gerigk LMC
Controls Coordination Committee Andy Butterworth CO3
Machine Protection Panel Andy Butterworth- Wolfgang Höfle MPP
Impedance Working Group Christine Völlinger (Chair) IWG
Availability and Reliability Working Group Suitbert Ramberger RAWG
R2E Working Group Giulia Gnemmi R2E
LHC Beam Operations Committee Andy Butterworth LBOC
Common Technologies Technical Board Andy Butterworth CTTB
Common Technologies Strategy Board Frank Gerigk CTSB
CERN Environmental Protection Steering Board Carlo Rossi CEPS
MME Advisory Panel  Frank Gerigk MAP
Facilities Operation Meeting Giulia Papotti- Alan Findlay FOM


RF Engineers in Charge

Machine Person Deputy 1 Deputy 2
LHC Andy Butterworth Katarzyna Turaj Helga Timko
SPS Giulia Papotti    
PS Ben Woolley Alexandre Lasheen  
Rex/ ISOLDE Daniel Valuch    
PSB Alan Findlay    
Linac4 Rolf Wegner    
CLEAR Steffen Doebert    
AD/ ELENA/ LEIR Maria Elena Angoletta    



Machine Supervisors/Coordinators

Machine Supervisor/ Coordinator
Linac3 Rolf Wegner
Linac4 Luca Timeo, Rolf Wegner
PS Alexandre Lasheen
SPS Giulia Papotti, Arthur Spierer