Modulators, Klystrons & High-Gradient Structures (MKS)


The MKS section responsibilities cover a wide range of activities:

  • We design, install, operate and optimize very high power radio-frequency systems for the LHC, the Linac4, and the test facilities for future large accelerators at CERN,
  • We strengthen the production, the testing and the transfer of CERN  X-band technology for normal-conducting high gradient accelerating structures to industry,  
  • We develop the electron beam acceleration systems for the CERN plasma wake field acceleration project (AWAKE)  
  • We enhance world-wide collaboration and joint efforts for the R&D program for the “CERN future circular collider” study,
  • We offer a rich and stimulating environment for training young scientists and in particular play a  leading role in the European Training Network "PACMAN"